Articles Written by Joyner

Article137: The reason Marijuana or Weed causes Mental problems.
Article138: The End Times have been here for many People, many times in the last 2000 years.
Article139: Why did God choose Donald Trump as President? I know one reason, that has already been manifesting.
Article140: Coffee is making people violent.
Article141: Black Tea could be a hallucinogenic, and also cause of schizophrenia.
Article142: Pepper Mint for Anxiety, but only if you have High Histamine.
Article143: Legal Weed or Marijuana would Reduce the Fat People.
Article144: Why are the mentally ill more likely to be a slut?
Article145: How to start a new life. How to have a new beginning.
Article146: If you are quick in bed, then maybe your histamine is too high.
Article147: The devil and Satan is fighting against marijuana legalization.
Article148: Trained behavior is to blame, not marijuana.
Article149: There is no such thing as stupid or smart people, it is only an illusion.
Article150: The reason I sold my byte coin, and invested into sumo coin and monero.
Article151: Three Ideas to get a better Image of a Distant Star or Planet. A Better Telescope.
Article152: God gave the commandment to hate, to hate evil.
Article153: President Trump saved millions of lives.
Article154: Why the bible and it's doctrines cannot be enhanced, applified, or made better.
Article155: Bill Gates and the Big Oil Men Wasted their Money.
Article156: Why do I want Anonmous Crytpo currency like Monero. It has nothing to do with Illegal.
Article157: Thinking if making Atonment by paying for the Stolen Items? Think Again!
Article158: Joyner's Review of Dr William Walsh Protocol for Anxiety.
Article159: The Reason you do not vote, is because they do not Want you Voting.
Article160: Teachers work with judicial system to create scapegoats.
Article161: My review of learning to become a digital artist.

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