Articles Written by Joyner

Article0: Attacks on Christian Web Sites
Article1: How to Spray for Roaches
Article2: Why is Fornication and Adultery a Sin
Article3: Is wine bad or evil, is wine good for you?
Article4: Differences between Christian and Witch Authority
Article5: Breaking a Contract with the Devil
Article6: The Perfect Man, Who is the Perfect Man?
Article7: Why does God Condemn or place non-believers in Hell or Hades?
Article8: How to be Good.
Article9: To deny Satan or Devil, to deny Jesus is to deny God
Article10: Review of the atkins diet for loosing weight
Article11: How to defend or protect against false accusations or allegations
Article12: Idol and celebrity worshipping
Article13: Are all sins forgiven? Even all of the future sins?
Article14: How to make one million dollars
Article15: Testimony: At the Gates of Hell after Heart Failure.
Article16: Is the United States Crazy? Schizophrenic and Double Minded
Article17: What causes people to become obese? Is it being lazy or from eating?
Article18: Solution for the problem of the over drawn United States budget
Article19: There is no reason to fear a fallen angel
Article20: Does good always triumph over evil?
Article21: Tips for beginner Christians in spiritual warfare
Article22: Why does God not answer some prayers from some people?
Article23: The curse of the devil
Article24: There is physical proof of the existence of God and Jesus.
Article25: Having Pity on Demons and Satan
Article26: Is money the root of all evil?
Article27: How not to be jealous
Article28: Spiritual Warfare: Think not feel.
Article29: How to cope with the knowledge of demons and demon possession.
Article30: God cannot fogive me, because of what I did?
Article31: Attacks on Christian Web Sites
Article32: Pro gangster or anti gangster, pro crime or anti crime.
Article33: How to have Heaven on Earth.
Article34: Optimistic is good, Pessimistic is evil.
Article35: Does God put babies into hell?
Article36: Tips for Choosing a Bible to Learn God's Word.
Article37: Idol Worship: Santa and Reindeer!
Article38: How to earn 24 thousand, or even 48 thousand dollars
Article39: Does good always triumph over evil?
Article40: The cost of living increases.
Article41: The news media attacks the United States of America.
Article42: Things to trash for a better life.
Article43: Why do people break the law? Is it because of drugs? Is it because they are crazy?
Article44: How to change Bad Luck into Blessings.
Article45: Guilt is Cruel and Unusual Punishment, it is Unjustifed.
Article46: Is noise causing domestic violence?
Article47: A little bit about the mind of a demon.
Article48: What is the superior way of life? The truth is God's way.
Article49: Is spam evil? Does God hate spam?
Article50: The perfect candidate, and the evil candidate.
Article51: Why all things in the world are worthless.
Article52: Teachers Abusing Students 2016
Article53: Why does God hate coveting?
Article54: Wind power, solar power, is it worth it?
Article55: The bible is proof that Jesus and God are real.
Article56: How to get free electricty for your scrypt or bitcoin miner.
Article57: Joyner: Review speaking in tongues.
Article58: We should not judge demons before their time.
Article59: How did the Wicked and Evil People Destroy Themself? This is World wide.
Article60: What to do if your wife cheats on you.
Article61: God's word, God's wrath, God's love.
Article62: A skill for stopping voices with schizophrenia.
Article63: Tactics Thieves use Today and Forever
Article64: This call is for all people.
Article65: You do not have to cough the demons out to get rid of them.
Article66: Define Evil? Define Good?
Article67: A Chrisitan is Smarter than a Satanist!
Article68: Teachers deliberately turn children into problems. Teachers deliberately turn kids into trashy people.
Article69: Schizophrenia: Forcing voices to say what you want!
Article70: How does a witch get power?
Article71: How to get the walsh protocol treatment with out a walsh doctor.
Article72: Joyner's Theory on Gravity. It is not Attraction, it is Repulsion.
Article73: Joyner's Theory on how Time makes Objects move.
Article74: Why choose Christianity over the other Religions? I will Explain why?
Article75: How to Make Money! Manufacturing and Fabrication with Hand Tools.
Article76: Is it Possible to Clone People? What about Hillary Clinton?
Article77: Why is the free shipping trend raising the cost of living?
Article78: Is the World Crazy? They have done this for Millions of Years.
Article79: Are they Reading your Mind? Read this Article to Learn how.
Article80: How to invest God's word into the world like a bank investment?
Article81: Something Everyone Indulges in that Causes them Brain Damage.
Article82: Coping with not having Sex in Heaven. Two Ideals.
Article83: The third temple is not going to be build at this time.
Article84: Feet Itch? How to Cure Itchy Feet.
Article85: Is Pride Evil, or is it Good?
Article86: The Demon of Pride, and Casting it out.
Article87: An Idea for Electric Stirling Engine Named: Crystal Metal Heat Expansion.
Article88: The solution to the troubles in the world. Very simple.
Article89: Time bombs implanted into Christians: It is a deadly seed.
Article90: Attack of a Demon, Anxiety, Read this Article if a Demon is making you Feel bad things.
Article91: Why should a Christian keep their Peace about Jesus Christ?
Article92: There is guilt and guilty, but there is also something else mixed in, something that can be stopped world wide.
Article93: People Running for their Life Daily.
Article94: Who is the Minority in the United States, and maybe the Earth?
Article95: The Cruel and Unusual Acts against Innocent People done by the Judical System: 2016 December.
Article96: There are Many Antichrists in the World. This Article talks about Two of Those.
Article97: Feelings given by the Holy Spirit?
Article98: How to destroy all sexually transmitted dieseases for ever?
Article99: Planting a crop inside a forest?
Article100: Schizophrenia: Forcing voices to say what you want!
Article101: The end times, is God going to eat us?
Article102: Alien sitings are really a result of post tramatic stress disorder.
Article103: A kettlebell swing strategy. Five mintues per hour.
Article104: What really is bad words, or cuss words?
Article105: Learn how to sue your alien abductors.
Article106: Quick Review about Quitting Depression with Cognitive Therapy.
Article107: Long list of things to craft at home for money.
Article108: Home crafting business, it goes beyond jewelry.
Article109: The cure for schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety and many other brain chemical imbalances.
Article110: Joyner's Review of
Article111: My Review of Becoming a Christian.
Article112: Put an end to the Virus, Baloo
Article113: It's better to have children get their education from drones than schools.
Article114: How to out Smart Demons and Satan.
Article115: What to do if you are being bullyed. A Christian Strategy.
Article116: There is No such thing as Depression and the problem is Fixable.
Article117: Why is it wrong to masterbate? Masterbation is bad for you!
Article118: How witches gain power to harm people, and what to do about it.
Article119: Why do men and women get into trouble after having sex?
Article120: Happy birthday, make it wine and food day.
Article121: Reasons we should spank our children.
Article122: Why are people creating gay people.
Article123: One Idea to Fight against Robot Workers, Joyner 2017.
Article124: Why did America sell her self to China?
Article125: There are more than fallen angels that make up demons.
Article126: Do not curse them, instead, bless them and God will avenge.
Article127: 2017: Idea for creating a solar wind generator out of a sphere.
Article128: A method a teacher used to destroy children's education.
Article129: The Rich are not the ones Feeding the Poor, it's the Poor Feeding the Rich.
Article130: Can a person choose to live sinful and then repent at the end?
Article131: If the guilt keeps hurting, even after being forgiven by Jesus, then read this article.
Article132: One Method by Joyner to Stop Subvocalization
Article133: If the doctor gives you maximum dosage, then half the pill.
Article134: The doctors and police are more hostile and damaging than criminals.
Article135: Hospital and Clinic Owners Consume the Mentally ill.
Article136: Reasons people should not be gay or lesbian.
Article137: The reason Marijuana or Weed causes Mental problems.
Article138: The End Times have been here for many People, many times in the last 2000 years.
Article139: Why did God choose Donald Trump as President? I know one reason, that has already been manifesting.
Article140: Coffee is making people violent.
Article141: Black Tea could be a hallucinogenic, and also cause of schizophrenia.
Article142: Pepper Mint for Anxiety, but only if you have High Histamine.
Article143: Legal Weed or Marijuana would Reduce the Fat People.
Article144: Why are the mentally ill more likely to be a slut?
Article145: How to start a new life. How to have a new beginning.
Article146: If you are quick in bed, then maybe your histamine is too high.
Article147: The devil and Satan is fighting against marijuana legalization.
Article148: Trained behavior is to blame, not marijuana.
Article149: There is no such thing as stupid or smart people, it is only an illusion.
Article150: The reason I sold my byte coin, and invested into sumo coin and monero.
Article151: Three Ideas to get a better Image of a Distant Star or Planet. A Better Telescope.
Article152: God gave the commandment to hate, to hate evil.
Article153: President Trump saved millions of lives.
Article154: Why the bible and it's doctrines cannot be enhanced, applified, or made better.
Article155: Bill Gates and the Big Oil Men Wasted their Money.
Article156: Why do I want Anonmous Crytpo currency like Monero. It has nothing to do with Illegal.
Article157: Thinking if making Atonment by paying for the Stolen Items? Think Again!
Article158: Joyner's Review of Dr William Walsh Protocol for Anxiety.
Article159: The Reason you do not vote, is because they do not Want you Voting.
Article160: Teachers work with judicial system to create scapegoats.
Article161: My review of learning to become a digital artist.
Article162: Doing fornication or adultery, is the act of cross contaminating.
Article163: How to solve all of the problems in the United States with one thing.
Article164: It only takes Three Days to stop Tobacco Addiction.
Article165: My review of having had a family member work at Publix.
Article166: Advertisements have literally consumed over 30% of your life.
Article167: Iron well water could be the cause of mental illness for some people.
Article168: The tap water could be your problem. High Histamine, anger, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar, plus more.
Article169: One of the causes of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses is a bacteria infection in the small intestine.
Article170: The great world revival and earth's judgement.
Article171: Professionals at unbelief.
Article172: Basil leaves could be better Medicine than Marijuana.
Article173: Why pray, what good does that do?
Article174: The secret to immortality, how to get it?
Article175: A secret from rich people, to not getting scammed.
Article176: Never buy anything based on a contract. It means it's junk.
Article177: How to save hundreds of dollars on car repair bills.